Fotografia Festas Populares

My mother is Brazilian, my father is Brazilian, 3 of my 4 grandparents are Brazilian ... yet I felt that I knew very little of the culture of my country. It seems to me that I, and many other Brazilian, often know more about traditions from other countries than about our rich local culture!


When I decided to stop working as an executive, I had the idea of ​​joining two passions: traveling and photography. I started traveling through this huge country following the calendar of the popular festivals.


They happen in every city! And there is not a single month in the year that does not have several different popular celebrations to visit!


Even "national" parties (like Carnival, for example) always have local peculiarities, and so I have discovered that I can not say that I know of any Festival before having participated in it in several different places.


I like to get in the places and to know what happened there, what are the local traditions, to try the typical foods, to know what are the things that make people move on... I also like to tell stories ... it is a delight to go home and be able to share with my friends the lessons I have learned in each and every new experience I have through this country.

To register these celebrations, the enormous cultural diversity, the incredible richness of Brazilian immaterial heritage and to share some of this with other people who are interested in the theme, seems to me a project worth dedicating a few years of my life!


And this is the main purpose of this website!  I hope you like it!​

First there were the Indians, with their rituals in honor of the sun, the moon, the rain, the forest animals, and the mysteries of nature. Then came the Portuguese, catholics, devotees of several different saints. Years later, the africans arrived, with their rhythmic drumming, their super-colored clothes and, despite their enslaved situation, managed to maintain part of their traditions and blend the culture they brought from Africa with the celebrations that already existed in the country.


Finally came the immigrants: Japanese, Germans, Arabs ... and with them, new cultures, new beliefs, new celebration dates and forms of celebration.


A country made up of people from as diverse backgrounds as ours could only have incredibly different festivals!


Brazil is the country of Carnival ... and also of Bumba meu Boi, the June Festivals, the Congadas, Maracatu, Carimbó, the Holy Week Processions, Corpus Christi, the Potato Festivities, which can be celebrated by the Germans in the southern region of the country, or by the Indians in the North, the Iemanjá anda Oxalá Festivals, as well as The Holy Mary, Saint Antony, the Divine Festival and various other profane celabrations.


This site is an invitation for you to discover a little bit of the sensations and beauties of various Brazilian popular celebrations, organized by this creative and festive people, which I photographed during the last years: the traditions, the typical fantasies, the curious and the creative legends that are the basis of this enormous cultural heritage that we have as a nation.


Each one of the photos at the right hand side represents the essence of one Brazilian Festival, but since they are so complex, each one of them will have its own specific page(s) on the blog (only in Portuguese) with photos and information about what they represent.


And if you want to bring the joy and color of the Brazilian festivities to your home, take a look at the images that I’ve selected to be used for decoration purposes. They are there in the online store!



To give visibility to the traditional popular festivals of Brazil, through the dissemination of photographic records and information that contribute to the expansion of knowledge about the origins and unique characteristics of the incredible cultural diversity and the immense immaterial patrimony of Brazil.






The popular festivals have the face of Brazil. Our identity, as a people, is forged in many cultural manifestations that, together, explain what this country is and who its people are. The richness of our immaterial heritage must always be a source of great pride!


Redemption to origins

The recording of Brazilian celebrations was the most incredible and exciting way that I found in this journey to rescue my origins and the cultural roots of the Brazilian people.



From the moment I chose to tread this path, I remain committed to registering the elements that best translate the particular wealth of the most diverse Brazilian communities. I love knowing the different ways of celebrating the same facts and knowing the reasons that lead these celebrations to acquire unique characteristics.



Brazil has popular parties all year round and is the fifth country in the world in territorial extension. It takes a lot of breath to actively participate in so many different celebrations.


Accessibility and memory

In a country of continental dimensions such as ours, it is very difficult to find people who have a clear notion of the breadth and variety of the cultural manifestations at our disposal. For this reason, I made a commitment to share my experiences with as many people as possible. I hope, with this, to contribute to the traditions of the four countries of the country being remembered by those who had to move away from their origins and / or known by those who did not even come into contact with them.