Essay "The mysteries of the divine presence: the angels and the resurrection in the Holy Week of Ouro Preto"


Purity. Mystery. A certain ethereal mood. A presence felt, suggested.


Always imagined in long tunics of light colors and wings facing the sky, the angels are the assistants of God, beings of light and of great purity. They are also His messengers, guardians, executors of His law, and protectors of the elect. They are purely spiritual beings, created from nothingness, at the dawn of creation.


They wander silently joining the followers of Christ after His death on Good Friday night. They seek in the darkness the light of the world, the light of the Son of God. They do not find it.


3 days later, on Easter Sunday, the riddle of Resurrection. Jesus' physical body disappears from the grave. His spirit reappears for Christians.


Once again, the angels mingle with the crowd. They walk side by side with men, now to celebrate the mystery of the afterlife. They raise their wings to the sky, symbolizing the creative power of God and the way He covers and protects all the things He has created on earth.


Everything is celebration: white lace towels are placed on the windows, flower carpets grace the paths, the hope of a good afterlife reborn, alongside God, its creator.

São Paulo - Brasil