Essay "April 19th"


April 19th. With their joyful and relaxed jokes, the Guaranis Indians of the Rio Silveirinhas Village, on the coast of São Paulo, receive some "white men" in their lands.


They promote an interesting experience for those who have little contact with the indigenous culture: they paint the faces and bodies of the visitors with the same pattern they use to adorn themselves. They have fun teaching games involving adults and children. They adapt the games to the level of difficulty that each one is able to achieve. Without saying anything, they give a lesson of inclusion.


Bow and Arrow, tug of war, races with obstacles. They win all disputes against whites, but they show enormous humility in this regard.


They teach words in Guarani to the few curious ones. Everyboby in the tribe speaks Portuguese perfectly. The climate is one of relaxation and joy. The freedom to play outdoors on a sunny day. It was a Wednesday.

São Paulo - Brasil