Collective exhibition "Origins"

Gallery 1338 (São Paulo)

Presentation of 5 images of Maracatu de Baque Solto of Pernambuco

Dec 2016

Individual exhibition "Festas Populares Brasileiras"

Octavio Café (São Paulo)

Presentation of 46 images of 13 popular Brazilian festivals, accompanied by explanatory texts

Oct 2016

Exhibition “Rites e Rituals” at JF Photo 16, Juiz de Fora, MG

Participation in a collective exhibition with the image "Almas em movimento"

Photo selected in the Convocation of the Festival whose theme was "Rites and Rituals"

Aug 2016

Tiradentes Photography Festival

Participation in collective exhibition with image "Souls in movement"

Photo selected in the Convocation of the Festival

Theme "Rites and Rituals"

Mar 2016

Participation in an itinerant collective exhibition with the image "Sun rise"

Photo selected in convocation with the theme "SP trees"

Clinics Subway Station (São Paulo) Jan 2016

Olido Gallery (São Paulo) Nov 2015

Conjunto Nacional (São Paulo) September 2015

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News & Publications

Publication of articles and photos in Plurale magazine, issue no. 52

Theme: Brazilian Popular Festivals

Jul / Aug 2016


Publication of the image "Souls in motion" in Grayscale Photography Magazine (issue # 1)

Feb 2016