Essay "Caboclinhos"


The beautiful costumes, full of feathers and glitter, are a tribute to the double root of the people known as caboclo: half European, descendants of our colonizers, half indigenous, descendants of the locals at the time of discovery.

Of the Europeans they inherited the taste for the brilliance and exuberance of our gold. From the Indians they inherited the use of materials of our exuberant nature, and so what we see are gourds, feathers of showy birds and many golden details in the costumes used in this feast.

The dance with fast and vigorous steps and the incessant movement of bows, arrows and spears echoes its conflicting origin.

In the Carnival of Recife, the fiesta of caboclinhos honors these warrior people who struggle today to preserve their identity and to maintain and value the cultural traits of both peoples they represent. A party that remembers the best of each one of their and our ancestors.

São Paulo - Brasil