Essay "Boi Bumbá: Garantido's and Caprichoso's show"


The Bumbodromo bleachers turns into a river of blue waters. Light reflections transform the floor into an aquatic environment where strange animals dance. One can hear the rustle of the leaves of the forest from the movements and sounds produced by the players. One can see all the splendor of the forest in the colorful and textured costumes they wear.


During the magical nights of the Parintins Festival, which happens every June in the middle of the Amazon Forest, the dazzle is constant. The grandeur of the event is also a tribute to this warm and splendorous region, where one can find the greatest biodiversity on the planet.


Mythical characters such as Cunhã-Poranga join historical figures, such as the farmer's daughter, and typical regional figures such as the pajé and the Tuxauas, in a show that mixes the traditions of the Northern and the Northeastern regions of Brazilian: the legend of the ox recounted with the logic of the Indians and other residents of this Amazonian environment.


Garantido, the white ox with red heart, and Caprichoso, the black ox with the blue star are the protagonists of this Festival. The rivalry between them is as big as the party.


Exuberance, opulence, dazzle and magic. They celebrate the forest.

Essay "From Manaus to Parintins"

Traveling on the waterways of the Amazon is a very different and interesting experience. Gigantic boats, with capacity for about 400 passengers, cross the rivers and take people from one city to another.


There are no paved roads in the Amazon jungle.


The distance between Manaus and Parintins is about 400km. 23 hours traveling downstream; 27 hours to return, against the river current.




Lack of space in the middle of all this vastness.


One can not be in a hurry. The rhythm of the forest is different from the rhythm of the cities. It dictates the rules around here.​

São Paulo - Brasil