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Brazilian Festivals in the subway of SP - December 2017 to February 2018

Images of 18 popular Brazilian festivals with brief explanations of their symbology mounted near the exit of the station. An opportunity to get to know more about this magical universe of Brazilian popular culture during its journey through the city.
From 01.Dec.2017 to 07.Jan.2018 - Faria Lima Subway Station
From 08. Jan.2018 to 31. Jan.2018 - Paulista Subway Station
From 01. Feb.2018 to 28. Feb.2018 - Fradique Coutinho Subway Station

Photographic Rod - São Luiz do Paraitinga - June 2017

We alway photograph so many people during the street festivals ... today was a day of donation ... everyone who appeared in one of the photos exposed could take it home as a gift by the end of the day!

An incredible idea of my photographers friends who always go to São Luiz for the Festival of the Divine.

I just loved having participated!

Cavalete Fair - MIS- May 2017

A weekend dedicated to photography!
A lot of dear people and many sales.

Expo Origins - Espaço 1338 - December 2016

Exhibition held in partnership with my dear friends of Study Group of Juan Esteves. 5 photos by each photographer. A big party!