Essay "Farroupilha Week"


For about 30 days prior to September 20th - the anniversary of the Farroupilha Revolution - gauchos come together daily to reaffirm a sense of pride in the habits, customs and traditions of their people and to prepare for the celebration of the date.

The Maurício Sirotski Sobrinho Park, in the center of Porto Alegre, is the center of this event. It is also the place where part of the population is camped and where hundreds of "piquetes" are set up.

In war, "piquete" is the name given to the place where the troops gather to render services eventually. And it is exactly like this in the Park: there is always a troop available with lots of music, lots of dancing and, of course, a lot of BBQ to wait for the friends who will come to participate in the festival.

Many of these "piquetes" have the name "querência", which, in Rio Grande do Sul, is called the place where cattle are raised or the place where people were born. It designates a place "dear", special, where you want to go back because that's where your affections and your story are ... and that's the essence of the piquetes and the festival.

At the dawn of 20th, the pride of being a gaucho is crowned with a great parade that takes the city: members of all the piquetes, side by side with representatives of all the police forces, walk together for the grandeur of Rio Grande do Sul. Knights and ladies dressed in the typical clothing of the time (1835-1845) parade through the downtown streets. There are horses everywhere. The metropolis of Porto Alegre is again, for a day, a field of the nineteenth century.

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