Essay "Corpus Christi"


The blood of Jesus metamorphosed into wine; his body in bread.


Corpus Christi is the only day of the year when Jesus, through the Eucharist, leaves the churches and walks into the streets, through the city with His followers.


To celebrate the event and to brighten the path where the Lord will pass, beautiful ornate carpets are assembled on the streets of the city. With care and whimsy, religious drawings (and other prosaic ones) are elaborated by the community from diverse materials like sawdust and colored powder of glass. The followers of Christ reveal themselves as artists.


The city becomes the stage of a colorful celebration. The streets, in canvases of painting.


All the figures depicted on the rugs on the streets are important. All the details of each drawing are important. All people involved are important: rather than producing street art, they are reaffirming their faith in the Holy Eucharist and the presence of Jesus among His faithful.


At the end of the day, the procession follows the Lord. His tacit presence generates a great popular commotion. Vibration, enthusiasm, dedication, affection, meaning for life.


And His passage changes everything: the beautiful carpet designs turn into an incomprehensible colored mass, the doubts turn into conviction: Jesus metamorphosed himself into bread and wine so that he could always be with His people.

São Paulo - Brasil