Essay "Festival of the Holy Spirit - São Luiz do Paraitinga"


A white dove. Lightweight and agile. Symbol of peace and mercy. She appeared suddenly in the flames of fire and gave the Apostles the mission of spreading the word of God to every corner of the planet, to all human beings who would accept it, in the simplest language for them to understand.

The dove on a fire-red flag gives body to the Holy Spirit and, carried by the faithful to every corner, transports God and His Word throughout the year, in the Folia of the Divine that go from house to house, and also during the festival when all people bring their flags to the Church and to the city streets.

The similarity between the flags indicates that for God, all are equal, all are equally accepted, all can participate without distinction.

Each person honors the Divine Being in their own way, according to the traditions of their ancestors, according to the customs of their place of origin, and for this reason, processions, congadas, maracatus, Mozambicans, jongos, stagings, cavalhadas are mixed in this festival. All forms of homage are equally well received by God.

The joy of men invades the city. With so many different honors, the party pulsates. The people of God celebrate the divine glory.

São Paulo - Brasil