Essay "Excess"


The main tradition of the Day of the Deceased throughout the country is to visit the dead people who are loved: some people take flowers to their parents, others spend the day at the cemetery visiting relatives and close friends of those who miss ... and, in the case of Juazeiro do Norte, hundreds of thousands of Padrinho Cícero's godchildren, as the former priest Cícero Romão Batista is affectionately called, pay homage.


They are believers who have chosen Padim Ciço as their godfather, talk to him in thought, receive and follow his advice and count on him to intercede with the saints and Jesus to be attended to in their needs.


They are moved by an intense faith, which materializes in excesses: excess of faith, excess of heat, excess of people circulating and written their names over other peoples names at the feet of the statue of the saint, excesses of requests and thanks, excessive love by Father Cicero that leads to an excessive need to make sacrifices to prove ones devotion and deserve the blessings of the godfather.


In a region that suffered for so long with rigorous droughts and all kinds of lacks (lack of water, lack of food, lack of opportunity) there is an excess of humanity and all its contradictions.


This is the Feast of the Dead in Juazeiro do Norte, an event where everything is excessive and superlative.

São Paulo - Brasil