Essay "Fogaréu"


The historical center of the city of Goiás is completely dark. The silence is total and the 20,000 people who fill this space are completely still.

The musicians arrive at 00:00 on Thursday. They are still not playing anything, but the crowd starts to get more agitated by their simple presence.

Torches begin to be distributed to the population. A flickering, orange, very concentrated light. A strong smell of kerosene in the air.

The music begins, and the farricocos appear, with their frightening attire, torches lit, trampling the crowd! They have the clear mission of finding and arresting a man.

Barefoot, fast-paced, following the rhythm of the drums and hearts that beat fast with the adrenaline of fear, advance in a determined way, pushing the crowd to the corners of the streets.

There is a tension in the air! A strong rush of escape takes over the city: Jesus fleeing from the Roman guard before his arrest and crucifixion, each of the Christians present, 2 milleniuns later, fleeing from ones own sins, ones own mistakes, ones own life without meaning. 

The procession stops a few times in front of churches. The music is getting faster and faster, the steps are getting faster and faster, the fear and the urgency are getting stronger. The heat is indescribable! Hell could not be experienced any other way!

The suffering of Christ, in his last moments, lived by each of the faithful present there.

São Paulo - Brasil