Essay "Mercy"


Lord God, mercy;

For the souls of the brothers who died bitter, mercy;

For the souls of the brethren who have not forgiven, mercy;

For the souls of the faithful who are in Purgatory, mercy;

Lord God, mercy;


It is Holy Week in the city of Goiás. The penitents sing a rather funereal litany while they wander with small torches through the mazes of the city, totally dark.


They carry physical and spiritual light. They lead an army that struggles to obtain forgiveness for the souls of the deceased through intense prayers. An army of living souls, praying for souls already disembodied who need this enlightenment. An army whose main task is to help sinners find the path of forgiveness and to speed up their journey from Purgatory to Heaven.


Lord God, mercy;

For the souls of the faithful and the deceased of this city, mercy;

For the souls of those who suffered when they died, mercy;

For the souls of the brothers who committed suicide, mercy;

Lord God, mercy;


The procession stops in each of the Churches that exist in the way. In them, probably, God will hear the prayers of the faithful better. When they arrive at the door of the city cemetery, only the penitents are allowed to enter. The last prayer of the night happens at the edge of the tombs.


The singing ends and the penitents disappear. It is possible that they took off their robes and left the graveyard, without us noticing, mingling with the other people who accompanied the procession; or it may be that they too were souls, who were sent to Heaven after that prayer, who ceased to be among us at the end of the procession, who received the mercy of God and were finally able to go to Heaven to be by His side.

São Paulo - Brasil