Essay "Night of the Silent Drums"


Concentration and reverence in the Patio do Terço, central region of Recife.

It's Monday. Day of souls in candomblé. Day to remember ones origins and revere ones ancestors.

It's a special night because it's also Carnival. 

8pm and the alfaias start to sound. It seems that the beat is inside us. The sound takes over the small square. The long, rounded dresses spin around. The bright, colorful clothes are there to remind us of the African people.

At midnight the drums get silent. An act of respect in memory of those who paraded silently through those same streets in the past, because they had no right to celebrate their origins.

As if in a trance, each participant of the event plunges into silence.

After a brief ceremony, the boxes and alfaias begin again. The hypnotic sound of drums, the main instrument of the xangôs' orchestra, involves the human creatures and the Orixás. A new type of trance takes care of people.

The party vibrates all night long.

São Paulo - Brasil