Essay " Oktoberfest: The festival of the German culture in Brazil"


On October 12, 1810 King Ludwig I of Bavaria held a wedding party which involved, as every wedding party, dance, music, beer and joy. The population of the city was invited to attend this time, and in the following years he repeated the party as a celebration of his wedding anniversary.


No one remembers this origin anymore, but as the tradition of dancing and drinking beer to the sound of traditional German music is a guarantee of great joy, the party "got it."


In Blumenau, a Brazilian city with strong German colonization, the party has existed since 1983 and emerged as a reaction to a catastrophe, with the objective of raising funds to mitigate the impacts of the severe floods that year.

The use of typical Bavarian costumes is optional, of course, but those who wear them do not pay entrance to the German Village. The tradition of drinking draft beer is exactly the same and the music and dances presented by folk groups help give the German mood for the Festival.

One thing the Brazilian and German Festivals have in common is the fact that an empty beer glass does not represent the end of the event, but the chance to start drinking again...

São Paulo - Brasil