Essay "Olinda´s pre-Carnival "

A historical city, calm and quiet, with about 300 thousand inhabitants. Colorful houses. Street art. Crafts. An impressive concentration of artists. This is Olinda.

Until Carnival arrives.

The day before the party starts, the city is on hold. The streets populated by a few revelers who anticipated their arrival and a few residents who have not yet departed. The houses, the streets, the bars reverberate a last glimpse of tranquility as they await the sea of people who will soon invade the city.

Tomorrow, more than 2 million revelers will change the empty landscape. 2 million people singing, dancing, drinking beer to refresh and to get drunk, kissing and hugging friends and strangers. A sea of euphoria.

After the 5 days of party everyone goes away. Olinda will be Olinda again.

São Paulo - Brasil