What is the Party Nature project?

A photographic project that unites João Marcos Rosa's images of nature and wildlife and Andrea Goldschmidt's photos of the popular Brazilian festivals with the aim of showing the incredible visual relation that exists between what people see in their surroundings and what they create in their popular festivals.

Images of the 6 Brazilian biomes and more than 30 popular festivals that happen from north to south of the country, in a project that shows the differences and the typical identity of each of the regions of Brazil.

Who is it for?
  • To children and young people from all over Brazil.

  • To elementary and middle school teachers who want to develop different activities that use art as the basis for the discussion of several relevant and current subjects.

  • To foreigners from all over the world who would like to get to know Brazil better.

What is it composed of?
  • A photographic exhibition with 36 images accompanied by explanatory texts about the biomes and the popular festivals that they illustrate

  • A book with complementary content images

  • A multimedia platform with complementary information and spaces for exchanging information between teachers

  • Explanatory and motivational lectures

How to support?
  • The project is registered in the Rouanet and Proac laws so it is possible (for companies that operate in Brazil) to become a sponsor using tax incentives

  • If you want to take the project to your company, we can think of a format that suits your needs and demands.

  • If you want to take the project to other regions, the expansions are not yet defined and therefore we can think together of how to make this happen in the short term.

What are the main benefits to the sponsors?
  • Exposing your brand to a targeted audience

  • Possibility of developing actions of relationship with this public

  • Copies of the book for distribution to its customers

  • Setting up an exhibition in a place of your choice

  • Talk with the artists for the audience of your choice