Essay "Pride Parade"


In the rainbow, the sunlight scatters and reflects several different colors. They always come together side by side. Each one retains its individuality. All are easily recognized as different. They coexist harmoniously and that's where all their charm lies.



It makes perfect sense that this is the international symbol of the LGBT movement.



The idea for the Parade came in 1969, when New York police brutally entered a bar called Stonewall, threatened and insulted the regulars (all gay and lesbian). The following year the date began to be remembered with a street demonstration and since then the cause has been gaining more strength and visibility every year.



Just as the Greek goddess Iris, who served as a divine herald and left a multicolored trail across the skies, the approximately 2 million participants of the Parade in Sao Paulo leave a colorful trail in the streets of the city. They bring a message of joy. An application for acceptance. A desire that the individuality of people be respected and admired as well as that of the colors of the rainbow.



A colorful and cheerful party that comes to the streets precisely because of the storm that many of these people still face in their day to day lives almost 50 years after the fact that iniciated the movement.

São Paulo - Brasil