Essay "Processions of Lent"


40 days of introspection and prayers. 40 days wandering through the streets and praying, just as Jesus wandered and prayed in the desert.

40 days of trials and fasting. 40 days defying one's own body, proving to oneself the ability to resist the temptations of the world just as Jesus resisted the temptations of the Devil.

40 days of introspection, self-evaluation, repentance for the mistakes made and commitment to do better next year. 40 days preparing for a new life, just as Jesus spent the 40 days before his death in the name of a new life for his people.

In cities with a strong Catholic tradition like Tiradentes in Minas Gerais, participating in masses and daily processions is the way to publicly demonstrate this commitment to the change of their own lives.

The darkness of the night highlights the inner light that lights up in every believer. The silence of the night highlights the inner voices that must be heard.

An introspective dive. A public promise of change. This is Lent: a time when Catholics, following the example of Jesus, prepare themselves to live in the God-given way and access their own power of personal transformation.

São Paulo - Brasil