Essay “Sakura Matsuri: The Cherry Blossom”


Delicate pink flowers enchant the eyes. The grove with about 4,000 cherry trees blossoms all at the same time. The green grass and the blue sky contrast with the almost leafless trees and filled with pink flowers, creating a stunning backdrop.

In São Paulo, the Japanese community meets to celebrate their traditions with their own dances, food and rituals.

Sakura symbolizes love, happiness, renewal, hope and the transitory nature of the existence of all living things.

The short flowering of the cherry trees teaches the lesson of taking full advantage of each moment.

And it is to put into practice this teaching that the Japanese community meets in the middle of the winter of São Paulo. The hanami is a ritual that consists of sitting under the trees and admiring the beauty of the flowers, enjoying the tranquility of the forest, the smell of the earth, the sound of the leaves in the wind and the songs of the birds: to appreciate the good things of life!

In 10 days there will be no more flowers.

São Paulo - Brasil