Essay "Samba Schools – São Paulo’s Carnival"


365 days of preparation, of joint work, of coexistence, of dedication, of exchanges. 365 days of waiting for the big moment: 60 minutes of presentation, ending in the blink of an eye.

Preparation. Cheering. Faith. Realization or deception.

At Carnival, everything is great: the spaces, the floats, the fantasies, the amount of people, the involvement of the community.

The magical universe that is produced and that makes us leave the reality is the result of the creativity of a group of people who dreamed together and who materialized this collective dream into sounds, movements and forms of a unique beauty.

The stories we presence in the Sambódromo are the culmination of a year of effort, the coordinated work of many people, a great investment of time and money, several smaller stories of friendships and companionship, intimacy, skin, human capacity to transform reality.​

São Paulo - Brasil