Essay "Trios of Kings"


Jesus was born in a simple place, but surrounded by much love and joy.


So is the small Church of Lapinha, in the neighborhood of Liberdade, in Salvador: a safe haven, where the faithful are welcomed to celebrate a special date with much love and joy.


It's a party without pomp and that's where its beauty lies.


Several Trios of Kings - groups composed of representatives of the Magi and other characters present in the biblical story - play in the streets and in the square in front of the Church. They take turns, parading through the streets, playing and singing marches that talk about the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi.


Children, adults and the elderly walk the streets following the Trios. Some people sit in front of their houses and wait for the Trios to pass.


A Happy Night: the simplicity and joy of the story reproduced in Salvador.

São Paulo - Brasil