Virtual Preview

We know how difficult it is to choose an image to put on the wall of the home. There are so many doubts: which image matches the best, what composition becomes more interesting in that wall, what kind of frame is more appropriate ...

To make it easier for you to purchase a photography from our store, we've created the virtual preview service so that you can see the application of some image options on your wall before making this decision.

This service has already been provided to several of our customers and we are sure it will be extremely useful to you as well.

To request this service for free, contact us.

Here are some examples below:

Quadros Festas Populares Brasileiras na parede sala de estar

A black trimmer that needed colorful images to brighten the mood. Four different options were tested:

a) in the upper left corner, the very colorful banners of the Festival of Saint John

b) in the upper right corner, a predominantly yellow set with geometric designs of Corpus Christi devotional carpets

c) in the lower left corner, the lively festival of Bumba Meu Boi from São Luiz do Maranhão

d) in the lower right corner, a set of 3 images of the Festival of the Divine of São Luiz do Paraitinga, with photos of scenes of the congadas and maracatu, as well as the dove, symbol of the Divine Holy Spirit.

The black frames were used in all cases because, in addition to matching with the images, they were very discreet and matched the super dark furniture.

5 images of Maracatu de Baque Solto of Pernambuco were chosen to bring some color to this home office that also serves as guest room.


The client´s doubt in this case was what arrangement of images would form the most harmonious and interesting set.

Some more traditional and some more modern provisions have been tested to help the home owner to make her decision.

Quadros Festas Populares Brasileiras na parede quarto de hóspedes
Quadros Festas Populares Brasileiras na parede sala de estar

The owner of this apartment in São Paulo had doubts on how to put an image on a wall with such a strong color.

Some image options were tested with:

a) different chromatic predominances (almost white, almost black or very colored)

b) different sizes (the larger ones are 90cm x 60cm) and the smaller ones (30cm x 30cm)

c) different compositions (single photo vs set of images)

d) different frame shades

e) different "vibes", since the images are of festivals with completely different characteristics and meanings (the upper left image is of the Yemanja Festival in Praia Grande, São Paulo coast; the upper right is the Corpus Christi Festival in the city of Matão; the photo of the lower left corner is the boat that takes the revelers by the Amazon River to the Festival of Parintins and the set of images of the lower right corner are details of the clothes of the cheerful figures of the maracatu from Pernambuco)

In this case, the greatest doubt was to install a single large image or to make a composition of several smaller images on the head of the bed.


But when testing the application of the images in this bedroom another idea emerged: change the color of the bedside wall to give more prominence to the artworks.

All photos applied in this case are from the same festival - Corpus Christi - and are images of sawdust rugs made by devotees.

Quadros Festas Populares Brasileiras na parede dormitório