Essay "The Wise Man: from home to home"


In Dona Maria's house the mood is festive: the whole house is tidy, the delicious smell of food being prepared on the wood stove, a beautiful and gigantic crib mounted on the porch. All prepared with great affection to receive the friends, the relatives and the group of Folia de Reis!


In Catholic culture, Christmas is a time of welcome, of meetings, of communion, of intimacy. A time to opening your house to receiving friends. To give. To be presented.


And what greater gift can there be than receiving the Folia de Reis, which, with the simplicity of the countryman, comes every year from house to house, to sing and recount the story of Jesus' birth and the visit of the Three Wise Men?


The revelers arrive in flocks, ask permission in verses, hand the flag to the owner of the house and sing. They make praises. They tell Bible stories and make fun of the earthly stories that surround the residents of that home. They chant improvised verses and repeat very old litany. Bring to the people's home the joy that the birth of their spiritual leader inspires, gifting the owners of the house with a unique moment that will be remembered all year round.


The crib is the center of attention of this traditional party in the countryside of São Paulo and Minas Gerais since it is in front of it that the companies of Folia de Reis praise Baltazar, Belchior and Gaspar. In the house of Mrs. Maria, the crib was decorated with the traditional biblical figures, several angels and some bibelos that she had at home.


Just as Jesus received gifts from the Magi, the revelers receive donations, feed themselves with the simple and tasty food that the owners of the houses visited prepare, thank you for everything and go away, visit another family, where everything begins again!


Twelve days of celebration. Twelve days visiting the sacred families here on earth. Twelve days, knowing the homes, the people, the stories and the nativity scenes set up to receive them - to the singers, the Wise Men and, of course, the baby Jesus.

Many stories of miracles are attributed to the Wise Men. In each landing, a new narrative. All similar. All unique.


In every home, the joy of meeting: with the company, with the neighbors, with the Wise Men, with God.

São Paulo - Brasil