Essay "Women Maracatu - Coração Nazareno - Defying sexism"


Is it possible to question a tradition and, at the same time, to reinforce it?


Is it possible to combine grace and strength in one doing?  


The Female Maracatu group Coração Nazareno is the living proof that all this is possible: a group composed exclusively of women, which defies the tradition that only men can play the Carnival´s Maracatu Rural as Caboclos de Lança (Spare Warrior - who is the leading part of the festival).  


They show, in small details, the vanity that every woman carries within herself. They take care of each other. They dance in costumes weighing more than 30 kg and, contrary to the sexist's predictions that there would be no interest in attending women's performances, they have a busy schedule and a large audience. They are finding their place within this important local tradition.


They surely show signs of fatigue after a marathon of performances, as all males groups do! Also like them, they explode with pride at being able to finish another dance and another performance on the long journey of Carnival presentations.   


More than a contemporary discourse of female empowerment, these women give a living example of how it is possible to rescue the union between being a warrior and being feminine.  


Viewed as the fragile sex, they demonstrate to all girls, from a young age, that they can be and do everything they want to and dream of.

São Paulo - Brasil