Essay "The sea, the infinite, the greatness of Yemanja."


An orixá with infinite powers, with the infinite force of the sea.


An orixá that can be reassuring or deadly. At the same time serene and able to act with a destructive fury. Like the sea.


One have to please her. Give her gifts. Venerate her infinite strength.


This is Iemanjá, whose children and devotees, once a year, in December, occupy Praia Grande on the coast of São Paulo to pay their respects and revere the queen of the sea, the "mother whose children are fish."


Born out of water, these fish seek connection and integration with the infinity of this environment. They contemplate, dance, reverence, offer, set up altars, light candles.


Iemanjá receives the presents that please her and returns those that, for some reason, she does not accept. The beach and the sea are witnesses of these choices.


For those who believe, anything is possible. Infinity can be achieved. The sea can be an ally. Mother nature and mother Iemanjá can attend to all the needs, to all the requests of the devout faithful.


A huge devotion, like the sea.


Impossible not to admire the magnificence of faith.

São Paulo - Brasil