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From the content available on the portal, many different cuts can be made to create thematic exhibitions.

Quite eclectic, the available content can be combined based on different interests, providing the possibility of montages with different approaches and that occupy different spaces.

Foto da exposição das Festas Brasileiras no metro Pinheiros

Metro Pinheiros (SP)

Fotos das Festas Brasileiras em Exposição no Octavio Cafe

Octavio Café (SP)


2021 Casa de Cultura os Capoeira – selection of images from 5 different parties (Águas de Oxalá, Cavalhada, Folia de Reis, Festa do Batata dos Krahôs, Procession of Penitentes) that take place in regions of the Brazilian Cerrado

2021 Sesc Ribeirão Preto - Projeto Brasil Vivo - 6 virtual meetings about popular Brazilian festivals Boi Bumbá, Maracatu de Baque Solto, Cavalhadas, Semana Farroupilha, Procession of Souls, Festa do Divino. Mediation of interviews with local guests and presentation of works.


2018 Brazilian Popular Parties. Interview with the president of Condephaat and Iphan, Antonio Augusto Arantes Neto, for the Natural Capital Program. Band News


2018 and 2017 ViaQuatro Art Space (Faria Lima (Dec 2017), Paulista (Jan 2018) and Fradique Coutinho (Feb 2018) subway stations - Brazilian Parties


2017 “Brazilian Popular Festivals”. Open class on ESPM Radio


2016 Octavio Café – Popular Brazilian Parties

Fotos do Maracatu de Baque Solto na Galeria 1338

Gallery 1338 (SP)


2022  Exhibition 130 years of Avenida Paulista - 2001 Gallery

2021  Exhibition 130 years of Avenida Paulista - Casa Odisseia Gallery

2021  Show Me The Oldest - Short film Caminhos do Divino

2021  Luz del Fuego - Cachoeiro do Itapemirim (ES) and Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2020  Socorro Municipal Museum, SP – Benzedeiras, an ancient tradition of faith healing

2019  Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo – Brazilian Musicality

2019  House +55 Art Brazil Germany, Mannheim (Germany)

2017  Tiradentes Photography Festival, MG

2016  Galeria 1338 (São Paulo) – Origins – collective curated by Juan Esteves

2016  Tiradentes Photography Festival, MG- Shows Rites and Rituals – Curated by Juan Esteves, João Marcos Rosa and Madu Dorella

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