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Entrevista Radio ESPM - Andrea Goldschmidt
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My mother is Brazilian, my father is Brazilian, 3 of my 4 grandparents are Brazilian ... yet I felt that I knew very little about my own country´s culture. It seems to me that I, and many other Brazilians, often know more about traditions from other countries than about our rich local culture!


When I decided to stop working as an executive, I had the idea of​​ joining two passions: traveling and photography. I started traveling through this huge country following the calendar of the popular festivals.


They happen in every city! And there is not a single month in the year that does not have several different popular celebrations to visit!


Even "national" Festivals (like Carnival, for example) always have local peculiarities, and so I have discovered that I can not say that I know of any Festival before having participated in it in several different places.


I like to get in the places and to know what happened there, what are the local traditions, to try the traditionall foods, to know what are the things that make people move on... I also like to tell stories ... it is a delight to go home and be able to share with my friends the lessons I have learned in each and every new experience I have through this country.

To register these celebrations, the enormous cultural diversity, the incredible richness of Brazilian immaterial heritage and to share some of this with other people who are interested in the theme, seems to me a project worth dedicating a few years of my life!


And this is the main purpose of this website!  I hope you enjoy it!

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