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Give visibility to traditional popular festivals in Brazil, through the dissemination of photographic records and information that contribute to the expansion of knowledge about the origins and unique characteristics of Brazil's incredible cultural diversity and gigantic intangible heritage.





Popular Festivals are Brazils image. Our identity, as a people, is forged in many cultural manifestations that, together, explain what this country is and who its people are. The wealth of our intangible heritage should always be a source of great pride!


Rescue to origins

My mother is Brazilian, my father is Brazilian, three of my four grandparents are Brazilian... Even so, I felt I knew little about my country. The record of Brazilian Festivals was the most incredible and exciting path I found on this journey of rescuing my origins and the cultural roots of the Brazilian people.



From the moment I chose to follow this path, I remain committed to registering the elements that best reflect the particular richness of the most diverse Brazilian communities. I love to know the different ways to celebrate the same events and to know the reasons that lead these celebrations to acquire unique characteristics.



Brazil has popular festivals throughout the year and is the fifth country in the world in terms of land area. It takes a lot of energy to actively participate in so many different celebrations.


Accessibility and memory

In a country of continental dimensions like ours, it is very difficult to find people who have a clear idea of the scope and variety of cultural manifestations that we have. For this reason, I made a commitment to share my experiences with as many people as possible. I hope, with this, to contribute so that the traditions of the 4 quants of the country are remembered by those who had to move away from their origins and/or known by those who did not even have contact with them.

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