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40 days of introspection and prayers. 40 days walking in procession through the streets and praying, just as Jesus wandered and prayed in the desert.

40 days of trials and fasting. 40 days challenging your own body, proving yourself the ability to resist the temptations of the world, just as Jesus resisted the temptations of the Devil.

40 days of introspection, self-assessment, regret for mistakes made and commitment to do better next year. 40 days preparing for a new life, just as Jesus spent the 40 days before his death in order to give a new life for His people.

In cities with a strong Catholic tradition like Tiradentes, in Minas Gerais, participating in daily masses and processions is the way to publicly demonstrate this commitment to changing your own life.

The darkness of the night highlights the inner light that lights up in each believer. The silence of the night highlights the inner voices that must be heard.

An introspective dive. A public promise of change. This is Lent: a time when Catholics, following Jesus' example, prepare to live in God's way and access their own power of personal transformation.



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Lent is a period of recollection, but also of many processions

Lent is the 40-day period between Carnival and Holy Week. For the Catholic Church it is a preparatory period, dedicated to fasting, voluntary privations and mortifications capable of bringing the faithful closer to the suffering experienced by Christ.


Throughout Lent, a series of religious events lead the population to move permanently between masses and processions, stirring up social life in small towns. These are very solemn and introspective processions, but still a reason to gather the community and celebrate.



Tiradentes (MG)

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